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How to stay connected in Azores

Most likely, you are planning to travel to the Azores with your phone, tablet or laptop, or maybe all three. If you are concerned about staying connected and being reachable, and about communication and data service in the Azores, this article is for you.

The mobile network coverage is generally good on all islands, except for some remote areas. To stay connected on the islands, there are some options to consider depending on your country of origin and communication needs. Below, we present three possible scenarios to stay connected in the Azores.  

Travelers from mainland Portugal

Travelers arriving in the Azores from mainland Portugal do not need to worry about additional roaming costs, as the islands are included in Portuguese territory. The coverage of NOS, MEO, and Vodafone networks is virtually total. For other companies, we recommend consulting the company's network coverage maps. 

Free WIFI in public spaces

Free Wi-Fi is widely available in public areas such as parks, plazas, and municipal buildings. Most restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers also offer free Wi-Fi access. 

Free WIFI in accommodations

Free Wi-Fi service is commonly included in accommodation facilities. We recommend that you check with your accommodation provider to confirm availability. 

Public telephones

Public telephones are less common nowadays due to the widespread use of mobile phones. However, it's possible to find public telephones in airports, post offices, and downtown areas. 

Electricity outlets and voltage in the Azores

The electricity outlets in the Azores follow the European plug standard, known as type C or "Europlug". This type of plug has two round pins and is compatible with most European electrical devices. The voltage in the Azores electrical network is 220V.
If you're coming from a country with a voltage of 110V, some electrical devices may need a voltage transformer to function properly, otherwise, they may suffer irreversible damage. Before traveling to the Azores, it's important to check the voltage of your electrical devices and consider the need for a voltage transformer.

Now that you know how to stay connected in the Azores, come and connect with nature.

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