Inclusive tourism, barrier-free tourism in the Azores.

Inclusive Tourism

Accessibility in the Azores: adapted hotels, activities, and services

The Azores Islands, a hidden treasure in the middle of the Atlantic, are a truly exceptional travel destination. The natural beauty and unique culture of this Portuguese region offer travelers an incomparable experience.

But what many people don't know is that the Azores are an accessible and inclusive destination for all types of travelers, including those with special needs. With hotels and accommodations specially adapted, amenities and services designed for people with reduced mobility, and accessible activities.

A considerable number of hotels offer adapted rooms, wheelchair facilities, and many other amenities that make visitors with disabilities more comfortable during their stay. Airports have infrastructure and services suitable for people with special needs. In addition, there is availability of taxis and adapted ground transportation services, making mobility easier for people with special needs.

Although there is still much to do to increase the number of accessible places, the Azores have been improving all the access infrastructure to the main tourist attractions so that everyone can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. Accessible routes and observation points adapted for people with disabilities are just some of the ways in which the islands offer an inclusive travel experience.

Vista do Rei View Point  - Acessibility Access Vista do Rei viewpoint - Sete Cidades - Accessibility


Travelers with disabilities can enjoy adapted activities such as wheelchair-accessible boat trips, adapted diving, ecological trails with accessibility, and visits to historical and cultural sites with specialized assistance. There are no limits to adventure and exploration on the Azores Islands.

Accessibility Services

If you're looking for an accessible and inclusive travel destination, full of natural beauty, quality services, and adapted activities, the Azores offer a unique tourism experience for all visitors, regardless of their special needs.

Embark on this journey and discover the best that the Azores have to offer! We have selected activities and accommodation units with adapted services so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip to the Azores.

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